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Schreiber Klinik


Founded in 1952 Schreiber Klinik Teaching Hospital (Technical University of Munich) is still one of the leading hospitals in Germany. Highly qualified medical specialists and professional medical staff strongly believe in the motto of the clinic “Patient is the center of attention”. The latest research and technology and medical specialists with impressive experience guarantee he best diagnostic process, treatment and safety of every patient. Precision and structured approach led the clinic to the leading position in German and European healthcare industry.

In 2005 Schreiber clinic united surgical and therapeutical departments. This decision significantly increased the quality of medical care. Increased cooperation between the departments undoubtedly led to better results.

Schreiber Klinik is proud of its achievements in diagnostics, orthopedics, anesthesiology and many other complex fields of medicine. However, one of the most significant achievements of Schreiber Kilink is “Schreiber Klinik Quality Control”. This system makes advancing in the professional field one of the major employment requirements. This attention to detail and the quality of service shows years of experience and successful practice.

The clinic’s specialty is not only cardiology angiology and gastroenterology but also general medical examination. Regular check ups are the key to early diagnosis and successful recovery. Make sure that you or your loved ones are not facing any serious health issues and. Schreiber Klinik specialists are happy to provide you with one of the widest possible lists of examination and procedures to make sure that you or your loved ones are healthy. Every check up is completed with the full recommendation list (in German) and full medical report based on your results. The basic check-up program includes anamnesis, laboratory testing, lungs, inner organs, heart and vascular system examinations. It could be edited to your liking: some particular examinations can be added/eliminated. Gastrointestinal tract examination, orthopedic examination, thyroid gland examination, additional heart and vascular system examinations, hormone status laboratory testing are just a few of additional tests and examinations that you could add to your list.

- General and visceral surgery
- Orthopedics and traumatology
- Wrist surgery
- Cardiology, gastroenterology and angiology
- Anesthesiology and intensive therapy
- Rehabilitation, post-operative care and physiotherapy