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Rehabilitation is one of the initial processes on the way to recovery. It includes not only the revitalization of a body weakened after a treatment, but also elimination of the consequences such as walking, movement and balance issues.

Rehabilitation is not just the recovery process after a prolonged illness but the whole cycle of the events and measures. German approach to rehabilitation includes not only strictly medical practices but also psychological and pedagogical methods best suited for each patient. Qualified staff and the most up-to-date equipment carefully monitor individually designed diet and physiotherapy. All rehabilitation processes are carried out under close supervision of highly qualified medical staff.

Following rehabilitation options are available:

  • Neurological rehabilitation after complicated surgeries, strokes and progression of degenerative illnesses. Individual approach to every patient depending on the severity of the condition, full rehabilitation of motor and speech skills. Treatments and operations can bear different consequences for every patient. Successful rehabilitation programs can bring back professional skills and increase life quality.
  • Cardiac rehabilitation supports patients undergoing stress after myocardial infraction and heart surgeries.
  • Orthopedic rehabilitation after traumas or bone or joint surgeries suggests improvements in motoric skills, better joint movement and prevention of muscle atrophy.
  • Rehabilitation for children with cerebral palsy.
  • Rehabilitation programs for elimination of acute and chronic pain syndrome.
  • Rehabilitation programs for post oncological recovery.
  • Rehabilitation programs for athletes undergoing or recovering from sport-related trauma. It is a very important process because it determines the quality of life for the patients and how fast they can return to their careers.
  • Postoperative care. Every surgery involves a great deal of stress for a patient. High quality rehabilitation programs provided by our company allow faster recovery and increase the effect of the surgery itself.

Before determining the program for each patient, our medical staff will carefully examine the current state and the medical treatment the patient underwent. Following process includes several medical experts determining an appropriate process for rehabilitation of the lost functions. The process of rehabilitation includes several steps:

  • Full diagnostics in order to determine the extent of damage caused by medical interference.
  • Prognosis of all possible outcomes of the rehabilitation measures carried out.
  • Determining of the required manpower and resources, which are necessary for the successful rehabilitation process.

One of the most important elements of quick and high quality rehabilitation process is the overall comfort of the patient. German medical staff considers the wellbeing and satisfaction of their patients of primary importance. Every patient will be provided with a wide spectrum of services necessary for their recovery regardless of social or financial status. Highly qualified specialists will monitor your progress on every step of your recovery. All clinics provide separate fully equipped rooms. If you want to be together with your loved ones our company will provide you with all possible options. Our company will organize your stay in Germany and leave time to get acquainted with German history and culture, visit some of the most breathtaking sights and experience the charm of Europe. Medical statistics show that 85% of the patients who underwent rehabilitation programs in Germany fully recovered lost abilities following their surgeries.