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Treatment in Germany
with Bavaria HM

Easily accessible medical care.
Cooperation with the best hospitals.


Diagnostic Procedures.

The latest equipment
and highly qualified medical staff.

Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery
(facelift, mammoplasty, liposuction).


General medical examination
in Germany

Regular check-ups help
early diagnosis.

Childbirth in Germany


Comfortable conditions
and individual approach.


Bavaria Health Management values your trust and provides full transparency when it comes to billing and paying for medical services. You will be able to see every bill provide by the clinic of your choice.

The exact price of the treatment before the actual diagnosis could hardly be announced. It could be determined after the diagnosis, treatment and the full spectrum of medical services are determined. The clinic of your choice will then calculate the cost of every service. In case the price increases due to unexpected difficulties and additional services provided you can pay the clinic directly. However, such unexpected difficulties are usually predicted by German specialists and discussed in advance (especially for the cases when medical emergency happens while the patient is unconscious).

If the price of the treatment will be smaller than the sum you have transferred to the clinic’s account, it will be retuned upon your request.

German clinics utilize two costing systems: G-DRG and GOÄ.

G-DRG (German Diagnosis-Related Groups) is the most commonly used costing system for German healthcare services, G-DRG applies to the patients with private medical insurance from Germany and from abroad, as well as the patients who pay for the services themselves.

GOÄ (Gebührenordnung für Ärzte) is the costing system of every private specialist’s service (non-governmental institutions). Additional payment is provided for the heads of departments and professors (if they diagnose the patient).

G-DRG system is compulsory and valid for all licensed clinics in Germany. The final price is determined by the G-DRG base multiplied by the rate (determined by the clinic’s status, the complexity of treatment, age of the patient, etc.). The salaries of the doctors are added to the price.