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Treatment in Germany
with Bavaria HM

Easily accessible medical care.
Cooperation with the best hospitals.


Diagnostic Procedures.

The latest equipment
and highly qualified medical staff.

Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery
(facelift, mammoplasty, liposuction).


General medical examination
in Germany

Regular check-ups help
early diagnosis.

Childbirth in Germany


Comfortable conditions
and individual approach.


There is nothing more important in the world for any parents than the health of their child. With our company the health of your child will be in hands of the best European specialists, who will do everything in their power to achieve the desired result.

Pediatrics is one of the completely separated spheres of medicine. Pediatric specialists go through multiple additional training in child psychology and treatment. European pediatric care is one of the leaders in the medical world. Their approach reduces stress connected to every treatment and makes it easier for both the parents and the child. Trust and the absence of fear are the main qualities of European pediatrics and the reason for their incredible success.

European specialists succeeded not only in emotional support of the young patients but also in utilizing the latest equipment and research results. The treatment in European clinics is based on the early diagnosis. Pediatric diagnosis is a complicated process that requires maximum attention to detail and professionalism. All of the above is perfected at all of the clinics we cooperate with. The latest equipment and research results combined with highly qualified specialists are the moving force of the pediatric branch.

Pediatric oncology, neurosurgery, and cardiology are designed and work up to the highest standards. Diagnostic and treatment could be carried out before the birth of your baby. German specialists as well as specialists from Austria and Switzerland deal with the most difficult illnesses using minimally-invasive methods to reduce the harm to the healthy tissue.

German, Austrian and Swiss rehabilitation centers for children with motoric and neurologic difficulties are considered to be the best in the world. They deal with cerebral palsy, autism, and different physical development pathologies. Rehabilitation of the kinds with cerebral palsy is carried out by the best physiotherapists and experienced manual therapists. Clinics that work in close cooperation with our company have the best chances on full recovery and significant improvement. Full rehabilitation courses include individually designed procedures and treatment methods.

Emotional stability and happiness of your child is the main concern of our company. We will make sure that you and your child are inseparable during the treatment. You can choose to stay in the same room, or any other convenient for both of you accommodation option. We will be happy to provide you with any additional service you would like.

Choose our company and you and your baby will concentrate on getting better while we take care of the rest!