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Orthopedic Surgery Clinic Munich (OCM)

OCM is a private clinic specialized solely on the diseases of musculoskeletal system. Experienced orthopedists, surgeons and anesthesiologists are well known in Germany. Every single one of them specializes on a different area or orthopedics and has achieved impressive results. Utilization of the latest technology and pleasant comfortable infrastructure makes OCM one of the top choices for you and your loved ones. German national skiing team has chosen this clinic for their Excellency.
Situated in the capital of Bavaria (Munich), OCM offers high quality treatments of any orthopedics related issues.  Their success is combined of the best specialists with years of experience and the latest equipment. Surgeries that do not require prolonged hospital regime are carried out right at OCM. In cases when longer treatment is required, the patient is transferred to the high quality clinic Sana. OCM employs more than 13 highly qualified specialists with narrow areas of specification. Every one of them performs from 400 to 1000 surgeries a year. Additionally to their daily practice OCM supervises German national skiing team (Prof. Dr. Med. Hermann Mayr is the medical supervisor of German national skiing team since 1991, Dr. Med. Ernst-Otto Münch, Dr. Med. Amelie Stöhr), national female football team FC Bayern Munich (Dr. Med. Gabriel Wasmer) and are actively participating in teaching in international and German universities. 
All doctors in OCM are well known for their publications in medical journals and participation in international and German medical conferences and communities. Their names are at the top of the lists of the most renowned medical specialists published by Focus magazine in 2014.
OCM’s Services: 
- Foot and ankle surgery 
- Knee surgery 
- Hip surgery 
- Spine surgery 
- Shoulder surgery 
- Wrist surgery 
- Rheumatology 
- Anesthesia 
- Arthroscopy 
- Endoprosthesis 
- Sports medicine