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Medical Park Bad Wiessee St. Hubertus

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Medical Park Bad Wiessee St. Hubertus is situated in one of the most picturesque regions of Germany. Lake Tegernsee attracts not only tourists and locals due to its beauty but also is highly beneficial for treatment and rehabilitation due to incredibly healthy infrastructure. Medical Park Bad Wiessee St. Hubertus has the best reputation not only amongst the specialists but also amongst the patients. One of the main focuses of the clinic is mobility rehabilitation process. Returning to normal life, embracing the beauty of the surrounding world and learning how to carry on – Medical Park Clinic makes this journey easy and pleasant. Medical specialists at Medical Park work in close cooperation with the most famous research facilities such as universities and teaching hospitals. This cooperation brings the latest methods of treatment and rehabilitation for your safety and comfort.

Medical Park Bad Wiessee St. Hubertus has its own laboratory that allows doctors and medical staff to carry out not only rehabilitation processes but also high quality diagnostic process. Various rehabilitation and treatment facilities such as fully equipped gyms, massage rooms, training centers for movement rehabilitation, hydrotherapy facilities, etc. are always at your service. Such variety creates an opportunity to carry out rehabilitation and treatment processes not only for cardiac and orthopedic cases but also emergency/accident-related rehabilitation.

Medical Park Bad Wiessee St. Hubertus is the official rehabilitation center of German National Skiing Team and the center of Bavarian Olympic medical diagnostic. The university of applied sports medicine is situated on the clinic’s premises and provides all clients regardless of their practices (professional sportsmen or individual concerns) with the latest research.

The rooms of the clinic can be easily compared to those in luxury hotels. Fully equipped to satisfy your every need, they vary from normal to deluxe accommodation. Deluxe accommodation rooms are located on the last floor of the clinic with. Every room has a breathtaking view on Tegernsee and the Alps. The clinic has its own golf and yacht clubs as well as casino, restaurants and many other entertainment options to make your visit the most pleasant experience. Many of the famous sport, business and cinematography figures were clients of Medical Park Bad Wiessee St. Hubertus. This clinic demonstrates the highest quality of medical service that can be found in the world. Experienced and attentive medical staff will make sure that every patient gets personal attention, and the latest research and equipment guarantee your best options for recovery.


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