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Martha-Maria Hospital in Munich


The history of Martha-Maria hospital is based on a wonderful Biblical legend about two sisters Martha and Maria. This legend inspired Luise Schneider and Elise Heidner to create Martha-Maria Hospital in cooperation with the pastor of Evangelical Methodist Church (Jakob Ekert ) in 1889. The main theme of the legend transformed into the main inspiration for the hospital’s doctors and staff: “Help and Listen”. Such selfless attitude to every patient led the hospital to one of the highest positions amongst all German medical facilities. The banches of Martha-Maria Hospital are situated in Munich, Nuremberg, Halle, Stuttgart and other German cities.

Martha-Maria Hospital is an independent deaconry of Evangelical Methodist Church that is included in Unity of Christian Churches.

The main benefits of Martha-Maria hospital are its location and size. It is easily reached by public transport and it is surrounded by one of the most beautiful parks. Regardless of small size of the clinic, cooperation with radiologic and therapeutic departments allows treatment of the most complicated cases.  The latest technological developments, highly qualified doctors and medical staff and wide treatment spectrum are the main characteristics of Martha-Maria Hospital.

Medical specialists of Martha-Maria Hospital became incredibly successful at the treatment of endocrine system diseases (the first hospital to apply neuro-monitoring (1998); now more than 30 000 operations a year), gastrointestinal tract diseases, and cardiothoracic issues. The hospital also specializes in pulmonology, otolaryngology, visceral surgery and other spheres.

- General surgery
- Visceral surgery
- Cardiothoracic surgery
- Pulmonology
- Otolaryngology
- Anesthesiology