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Ludwig-Maximillian University Teaching Hospital


Ludwig-Maximillian University Teaching Hospital is the best example of German medical progress. 200 years of experience combined with the latest research made this clinic one of the most renowned medical facilities in Europe and in the world.

Ludwig-Maximillian University Teaching Hospital got its great reputation firstly due to highly qualified medical staff. More than 9000 doctors, medical staff and technicians take care that every patient gets as much attention as possible. This clinic is awarded with the highest rank of medical development and infrastructure. All 28 departments are equipped with the latest technical developments of the medical world. Scientific base and cooperation with the research facilities of Ludwig-Maximillian University, unique operations and equipment, and the widest spectrum of diagnostic and treatment options made Ludwig-Maximillian University Teaching Hospital famous not only amongst doctors but also patients.

Ludwig-Maximillian University Teaching Hospital is the part of the most renowned transplant centers in Germany. From eye to heart transplants – this medical facility provides every patient with absolute safety when it comes to such complex operations.

The clinic utilizes the most precise diagnostic equipment:

- Computed tomography scanning (CT): 3D scanning is more precice than usuall X-ray images

- Magnetic Resonanse Imagung (MRI)

- Positron Emission Tomography

- Digital Mammography 

- Surgery
- Ophthalmology
- Dermatology and allergology
- Obstetrics
- Cardiology
- Infectious diseases
- Otolaringology
- Urology
- Pediatric Surgery
- Pediatric and Adolescent Psychiatry
- Pediatric Department
- Pediatric Cardiology
- Dentistry and Orthodontics
- Neurology
- Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
- Neuroimmunology
- Nuclear medicine
- Laser therapy
- Clinical chemistry and biochemistry
- Genetics