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Treatment in Germany
with Bavaria HM

Easily accessible medical care.
Cooperation with the best hospitals.


Diagnostic Procedures.

The latest equipment
and highly qualified medical staff.

Plastic Surgery

Reconstructive surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery
(facelift, mammoplasty, liposuction).


General medical examination
in Germany

Regular check-ups help
early diagnosis.

Childbirth in Germany


Comfortable conditions
and individual approach.


Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Let me introduce you to Bavaria Health Management, which was established at the initiative of german clinics for more than 15 years. This company has been specializing on the organization of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation in all regions of Germany. The success of our company comes from constantly increasing the quality of services and individual approach to every client.
The headquarters of the company are situated in Berlin and Munich. Both of these cities are the leaders in healthcare services. All of the clinics we cooperate with are well known in Germany and Europe for their excellent reputation and professionalism. All of them work in close cooperation with the main research centers all across Europe and beyond.
Germany has one of the world’s best healthcare systems. German precision and attention to detail are one of the factors determining their high position. German medical specialists with years of practice achieve great success in every field of medicine. The latest technological equipment utilizing all modern developments creates safe environment for every patient.
This tendency to modernize equipment as soon as any new developments appear made German diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation processes highly successful. We will introduce you to the best clinics Germany has to offer, and make sure that your stay in Germany is not only comfortable but also pleasant. German medical specialists do their best to help every patient, regardless of the stage, complexity or duration of the disease.
Bavaria Health Management cooperates not only with teaching hospitals across the country but also with small private institutions. Attentive individual approach and first-class services are two main principles Bavaria Health Management bases its practice upon.
Our company guarantees comfortable diagnostic, treatment or rehabilitation process for you or your loved ones. If you choose us, you can be sure you are getting the highest quality care!
We value your health, time and feedback, and we would like to do anything in our power to create the best possible atmosphere for you or your loved ones during your visit to Germany. We would be glad to organize your stay in a way that you can focus on getting better and leave the details to us. We will make sure that you or your loved ones will get individually designed treatment from world’s most renowned professionals.
Choosing Bavaria Health Management you choose high quality service, security and convenience for you and your loved ones!

Professor Doktor med. Gerhard Gahl

                                                                                                  Head of Department of Medicine

Bavaria Health Management GmbH