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German Heart Center Munich


Founded in 1972/73 as Munich Technical University (TU) Teaching Hospital as the very first heart center in Europe. German Heart Center is one of the best and highly recognized centers for treatment and diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases in Europe. The center consists of cardiovascular surgical department, pediatric cardiology department, inborn hearth pathologies department, laboratory research facilities, radiology and anesthesiology departments and nuclear medicine department. German Heart Center specializes on multiple procedurs such as cardiac ventriculography, cardiac shunting, coronary shunting,  heart aneurysm surgery, heartbeat disorder treatment, congenital and valvular heart diseases treatment.

Highly qualified medical staff, the latest technologies and modern research base create the safest treatment options with highest success rates. Being the oldest heart center in Europe, German Heart Center has always been a raw model for other facilities, trying to achieve the same level of medical and professional excellency.

Today German Heart Center is one of the best options for cardiac-related problems. Healthy cardiovascular system is vital and requires constant and close attention. Regular check ups guarantee the possibility of early diagnosis that is important for timely treatment. In case of chronic heart disease regular check ups will prevent its development and lead to long and healthy life.

Regular general medical examination in German Heart Center takes from 3 to 6 days. During the examination process every patient is accommodated in a single room that will satisfy all your needs. The first day of the examination is dedicated to the general tests and procedures like blood tests, electrocardiography, ultrasonography, tomography, etc. Based on the received results doctors determine the plan of further examination process.



Medical Specialties:- Coronary Catheterization
- Shunting
- Coronary Angioplasty
- Coronary Stent
- Cardiac Diagnosis
- Atrial fibrillation treatment
- Artificial Cardiac Pacemaker implantation