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Bad Trissl Clinic

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Bad Trissl Clinic was founded in 1968 as one of the first oncology clinics in Bavaria. It is still one of the most famous clinics in Europe due to its professional and individual approach to every patient.

Bad Trissl Clinic consists of 4 departments:
-Complimentary Medicine
-Palliative care

The clinic is famous not only due to its highly professione staff an the latest equipment. They also implement holistic treatment as one of the most important parts of the treatment process as a whole. It includes art therapy, pastoral and psychological support, ergotherapy (the branch of physiotherapy), special diet and many other methods to make an patient fell more comfortable. This approach leads to happier environment that is one of te crucial requirenments for recovery. The clinic is unique because it includes relatives into the ho;listic treatment program. Healthy relationship between you and your loved ones at the time of need is also important for recovery. Supportive and calm atmosphere in the clinic surrounded by picturesque Bavaria can give you or your loved ones the strength to fight back. 

Bad Trissl Clinic works in close cooperation with several private and public hospitals (Isar Medical Center, Augsburg Clinic) and with the biggest teaching hospitals (Ludwig-Maximilian teaching hospital and Recht der Isar teaching hospital). Such cooperation brings together experienced professional innovating cancer treatment. Cooperation with research facilities benefits the clinic in the way that the newest research results and the latest developments are utilized immediately. 

Bad Trissl Clinic works with Senator Rösner Foundation that helps the patients facing financial difficulties.

This world renowned clinic is not only highly qualified specislists and the latest equipment, it is innovational approach towards cancer treatment and individual attention to every patient. The latest research in chemo-and radiotherapy, personally designed rehabilitation process and caring atmosphere make Bad Trissl Clinic one of its kind. Surrounded by picturesque Bavarian landscape you and your loved ones will find the strength to fight back the disease and move on into a better life.